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Anti Aging Solutions

Hyaluronic Gel Ionizable

With unique characteristics which allow dissociation of the molecules through ionization equipment, allows it to be transported to the deeper layers of the skin.
The Fact of having be obtained by vegetable fermentation (Streptococcus equi or S. zooepidermus) not only ensures the exception of animal substances, as well give a better and greater absorption by the skin of hialuron molecules, proven by scientific studies.
This active ingredient is a natural component produced by our organism present in all organs, but most prevalent in our skin with 56% of this production. >br> Responsible for linking water, thus ensures the volume and shape of our skin. Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 6000X of its own weight in water! 1gr = 6l water! Filmography - After 40 Years, the production low for 60%
- After 60 Years low for 10-20%
It is one of the most requested products in the industry of the current cosmetic.

Instant Lifting

Products with a valuable selection and composition of active ingredients make this unique product allowing the application of this product topically as normal face cream.
An instant lifting effect and prolonged anti-aging. The particular formula contains silica, sodium silicate, hexapeptide 8, together with the hyaluronic acid of high and low molecular weight, caviar, retinol, 3-acetyl octapeptide, Q10, edelweiss extract, extracts, cellulose derivatives, biopolymers, red algae -p├║rpura, chamomile extract, vitamin a, green tea, red alga chondrus crispus and pearl extract, increase the prolonged effect and continued Instant Lifting Serum product. It is precisely this concept of active ingredients combined with basic Serum textures that give a bright and refreshed skin.
Reduces extremely fast and visible wrinkles on the face, around the eyes, forehead and lines of facial expression in 8 minutes

Stem Cells Apple & Q10

Productscompose by Q10 and the apple stem cells (Malus domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract), extracted from a rare quality apple of Switzerland origin (Uttweiler Sp├Ątlauber). Extends and reactive cellular production helping to slow the aging process.
Product also composed by:
- Protection system against free radicals and UV rays. Grape seed extracts (flavonoid), and Vitamin E, acting as a valuable antioxidant, protecting the skin from aging caused by UV rays and extreme means. Furthermore these extracts cause an skin soothing effect. With anti-inflammatory effect this combination of components stimulates microcirculation of the skin.
- Extracts of Sea Chamomile (Tripleurosperum Maritimum) cause a calming effect on the skin and relaxation so that combat effectively the lines and wrinkles on the skin. Induced effect is similar to Botox or Botox substitutes, in this case based on a natural, non-synthetic component.


We follow the cosmetic market as anyone.

We have extensive experience in this industry. We work with the world’s best laboratories and only with luxury and advanced products for face and body treatment.
Certified products with the highest score for Dermathest laboratory

Here are some of our products.



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